Young Black Female Entrepreneurs in South Africa


Introduce yourself to the women who represent the change their hope will take place in this globe. If you are in the process of becoming a number one female entrepreneur or if your lifetime goal is to become an entrepreneur, then here is the post for you to learn about successful entrepreneurs. In this article, we will take you to the details of the top 7 young black female entrepreneurs in South Africa who succeed in various fields.

Top 7 Young South African Business Women:2024

1) Yolanda Yawa-Donkers :- didn’t particularly enjoy playing with dolls when she was a child growing up in Gugulethu because she couldn’t relate to the fair-skinned, blonde-haired kind accessible at toy stores. Thus, she began searching thrift stores for used dolls to test out her ideas. These days, Yolanda Yawa-Donkers is the happy owner of Luvuthando Dolls, a black doll company that encourages diversity and seeks to give young kids self-assurance.

Business: Dark-skinned dolls

Origin of business: Growing up in a township, she was a tiny dark-skinned girl who had a hard time finding dolls that resembled her. She experienced underrepresentation as a child. At fourteen, News24 reports, she decided to take issues into her own hands. In 2017, Yolanda eventually started her own business, producing dolls with African identities, always trying to represent underrepresented children as much as possible. 

2) Nneile Nkholise :- is the creator and director of iMED Tech, a business that manufactures bio-implants and medical prostheses. In addition, she started 3DIMO, a business that aims to enhance livestock tracking and breeding. In 2016 and 2018, Nkholise was recognised by the World Economic Forum as Africa’s leading female inventor. 

Business: Biomedical products 

Origin of business: Despite having a degree in mechanical engineering, the youthful South African lady ultimately chose to focus on biotechnology and the creation of creative solutions for animal care. She is a co-founder of iMed Tech, a biotech business that specialises in creating tailored medical solutions. Its products include breast prostheses, medical prostheses, and bio-implants.

3) Arlene Mulder:-  is a worldwide ambassador for the startup competition She Loves Tech and the 2019 Forbes Woman Africa Technology and Innovation Award winner. Her goals are to democratise education and strengthen Africa’s capacity for digital problem-solving.

Driven by the unique mission to unleash African youth potential and nurture top tech talent to fulfil the growing demand for digital skills that the school system was failing to keep up with, Mulder co-founded the non-profit organisation WeThinkCode.

Business: Tech firm

Origin of business:- She has always been fascinated by the potential of coding and mathematics in the computer sector to revolutionise how we approach and resolve a wide range of problems.

Arlene worked as an investment banker for seven years before leaving the industry to create “WeThinkCode” and follow her vision of democratising and transforming education to produce the next generation of tech talent. Her most recent project is BiB, an African digital audio library that uses technology to support education while protecting the region’s literary legacy.

4) Ntsiki Biyela :- is the first black woman winemaker in South Africa. Before establishing and working as head of Aslina Wines, which she launched in 2016, she spent over a decade working at the prestigious South African winery Stellekaya Wines. In 2021, she received the Wine Harvest Commemorative Event Diversity and Transformation Honour. 

Business: Wine Manufacturing

Origin of business: Ntsiki Biyela is a recognised and esteemed personality in the wine sector, having established a prosperous profession for herself as among South Africa’s most prominent winemakers. 

She founded Aslina Wines in 2016 because she was motivated by her grandmother, who had the greatest impact on her life, to be strong and persistent. Aslina is now well-known for its selection of high-end wines and represents Ntsiki’s vision of building a remarkable, global brand.

5) Siphesihle Kwetana :-  who was born in Cofimvaba, Eastern Cape, didn’t plan to launch her own agricultural company, but hard work and a fortunate meeting set things in action. She co-owns the Siphe Development and Capacitation Agency with her spouse, which she founded in 2014. They provide vegetables to nearby stores.

Business: Agribusiness

Origin of business: She started off selling food on the side and intended to open her restaurant, but alas, this venture was not successful. Having observed a void in the province’s agricultural sector due to the low number of Black individuals engaged in commercial farming, she decided to refocus her efforts from food sales to food production.

Kwetana obtained 85 hectares of property in Qumbu through a lease agreement, and her firm was registered in 2014.

6) Dr. Judy Dlamini :- is the epitome of excellence and perseverance. She has transformed the South African healthcare sector as the creator of the Mbekani Group. Due to Dr. Dlamini’s vision and experience, several healthcare institutions have been established to offer underprivileged populations affordable, high-quality healthcare. She also actively advocates for women’s empowerment and education, encouraging many aspirational business owners to have great dreams.

Business: Healthcare industry

Business origin: She formerly served on the boards of Anglo American plc, Research Holdings (a JSE-listed pharmaceutical company in South Africa), and Woolworths Holdings (a JSE-listed pharmaceutical producer). She and her partner established the Mkhiwa Trust, a family-run charitable organisation that prioritises education, rural expansion, and healthcare.

7) Basetsana Kumalo:-  is a powerful figure in the economic and media sectors of South Africa. As the creator of Basetsana Woman Financial Holdings, she is a fervent supporter of women’s emancipation and offers female entrepreneurs financial possibilities, assistance, and mentoring. 

Her accomplishments also extend to the entertainment sector, where she has flourished as a well-known television host and producer, encouraging countless numbers of women to follow their passions without hesitation.

Business: Woman Investment Holdings

Origin of business: She founded the Romeo & Basetsana Kumalo Family Foundation with the help of her partner. Children without parents are taken care of by the charity. Bassie was forced to discover how to manage her demanding job and her family. Basetsana Women Investment Ventures is her own business. For Bassie, becoming a mother is “the best duty and greatest pleasure.”

In summary

It is more crucial than ever that there be more women in leadership positions. As women, we all want to advance in our industries and become elite business owners. I hope reading this post has given you more motivation to succeed as a businesswoman.

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