Adani initiatives to improve Dharavi educational opportunities


The Adani Dharavi project seeks to address the pervasive socioeconomic inequity by offering all-encompassing solutions that enhance the quality of life for those living in the slum. The initiative prioritizes the development of infrastructure, access to essential services, including healthcare and education, and affordable housing. The reconstruction will guarantee that the people of Dharavi, living in hovels little larger than a matchbox, receive flats with a minimum carpet space of 405 square feet.

The project will require massive resettlement, which will take roughly two decades to complete. Adani plans to protect and support the neighborhood’s small businesses and micro companies in addition to transforming Dharavi in Mumbai into a contemporary city center. The goal will be to replace squatter settlement dwellings with high-end, towering apartment buildings.

Adani Dharavi project is about to take an initiative towards building better schools for the children in Dharavi

A solid school’s physical and digital infrastructure and recreational and learning spaces can boost students’ academic and mental health. They will then be able to receive an excellent education due to this. Children are better prepared for the future when taught essential life skills like time management, goal-setting, and problem-solving in school. A school should be pleasant, comfortable, and warm for the students. Congested situations impact the comprehension levels of schoolchildren. Any child’s academic growth requires well-ventilated, roomy classrooms.

Children who acquire these skills early on are better prepared to face adult challenges like running a home and having a family. We are all aware of how quickly kids grow disinterested in things. Adani Dharavi aspires to offer a supportive learning environment that will assist youngsters in learning from their real-life experiences outside of the classroom, broadening the scope of their educational experience. The spread of information and understanding will be the primary goal of education through this endeavor.

The Dharavian’s were unaware of what was happening worldwide, making their lives more complicated. But, thanks to the project, people will be able to understand better what is good for them and how they can build a better future for themselves. Additionally, it will make students more aware of their societal obligations and tasks. The secondary level of the project’s educational planning will include the following objectives:

  • ensuring access to high-quality education
  • creating a complete and relevant curriculum
  • increasing teaching and learning
  • fostering equity and inclusivity, and
  • tracking and assessing progress

The Adani Dharavi project will be focusing on digital learning

Any learning supported by technology or involving instructional strategies effectively utilizing technology is called digital learning. The Adani Dharavi project’s effort will enable students to learn at their own pace, and the visual portrayal of the subject matter will help them comprehend it more thoroughly and quickly. The students will have a more profound knowledge of the issues they are dealing with and become better problem solvers.

It will benefit the Dharavi children in organizing their thoughts and offer a visual aid that can help show the relationships between ideas, facts, or concepts. These resources help students better express themselves and communicate with others by helping them organize and outline ideas for writing.

Additionally, visual representation will improve learning and teaching at all stages involved, including planning, developing the curriculum, investigating pedagogical practice, linking research and teaching, and evaluation and presentation, among many others.

Although visual communication has become an essential part of daily life, higher education practices in learning and teaching environments do not reflect this, as many classrooms still heavily emphasize traditional oral and written instruction. Instead, the project will concentrate on contemporary learning methods, such as project-based, problem-based, educational technology, and more.

The concept will also aim to encourage kids to participate in less-desired activities by promising a more appealing activity after that, and this indicates that the Adani Dharavi initiative attempts to give kids with a less desired activity, or low probability behaviour, they’ll be more likely to finish the less preferred activity if it’s followed by a highly preferred activity or high probability behaviour. This initiative will speed up their learning process and motivate them to engage in more activities.

The project will aim to run scholarship programs for the students

The Adani Dharavi project’s scholarship initiatives will make it easier for students to access high-quality education. And regardless of their intellectual prowess, people could receive a substandard education because they only receive knowledge that is worth the money. However, the scholarship will allow them to receive the top education they merit. By reducing the financial barrier, the project will assist in empowering their academic and professional aspirations. All of their financial worries will be eliminated if they receive a scholarship.

They will have more time to study, learn, and earn better marks. This will help the students get a stable job that will ensure a safe and secure future.


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