How To Start Dropshipping Business In Just 7 Days


Dropshipping is an order fulfillment strategy that eliminates the requirement for a company  to maintain inventory on hand. The basic concept is that you receive an order, forward it to your vendor, and the vendor fulfills the order by delivering stuff to the consumer. This way, you get to profit from the sale of other sellers’ and people’s goods without even having to keep a check on inventory. Furthermore, you can apply it on various ecommerce platforms like Shopify, eBay, Amazon Dropshipping, and others. 

Also, the supplier handles refunds and delivery, which might seem like easy money. But it’s not because it’s not as simple to launch a profitable dropshipping company as it may seem.

Since many other dropshipping businesses operate in the same niche as you, you must be extremely competitive in your marketing, SEO, and pricing tactics to stand out from the crowd and draw in customers.

Therefore, to ensure that you get off to the best possible start, we have experts, Tech2Globe Web Solutions, guiding you to start your dropshipping business in just seven days. 

Tech2Globe is an IT industry influencer encompassing 40+ services with comprehensive solutions for modern business success. With over 14 years of experience and excellence, the company has become a reliable name trusted by thousands of clients across the globe. This guide is assembled from their extensive industry knowledge. 

Launch a Profitable Dropshipping Company in 7 Days

Entrepreneurs with significant capital and resources can build their own fully functional eCommerce store without depending on any outside vendors. However, for a solopreneur with little money and time to launch an internet business, the dropshipping business model is ideal for you. Moreover, launching your startup with Amazon Dropshipping will be ideal as it is the most widely used platform in today’s date and age. 

We’ll go over how you can start from zero in seven days and grow a profitable business, covering a few of the best amazon dropshipping strategies.  

Day 1: Select Your Niche

Selecting the goods to sell in your online store is the first step. Finding a niche that is less trendy than the popular ones is preferable, despite how alluring it may be to choose things that are hot internationally. This is because well-known companies with substantial marketing resources already control a large portion of the market, making it very difficult for new players to compete. Therefore, perform the following; 

  • Pick a niche with fewer competitors and a loyal consumer base. 
  • Find a new and specialized market if you want your new online business to take off and flourish. 
  • Selecting a Specialty Product for Your Upcoming Company
  • Make a list of at least ten niche product ideas for your dropshipping company after you start brainstorming.
  • Perform keyword research.
  • You can also find out which keywords shoppers are searching for with Amazon’s assistance (if you plan to go with Amazon drop shipping).
  • Select a market segment for your dropshipping company.

Day 2: Look for Vendors

Locating and getting in touch with a seller comes next after selecting your niche. You need to locate a supplier for your dropshipping store that can fulfill orders for you based on your specialization. However, it’s not easy to find reliable merchants as most of them lack optimized websites. But nothing great ever comes easy; thus, a little challenge is good.  

Using search operators is one of the finest ways to locate merchants when you first launch your dropshipping company. To put it simply, search operators are commands and characters that aid in narrowing down search results.

Among the various instances of search operators are “keyword+dropshipping,” “keyword+suppliers,” and “keyword+distributor.” Moreover, you can use different keywords and mix them up to identify and locate providers in your relevant niche. Following that, keep track of the keyword+operator combinations you’ve searched for on search engines for future use. 

Now that you have the data for your Amazon dropshipping India business speak with your selected vendor, select three leading providers, and make contact with them to learn more about the services they provide. After selecting the supplier that best suits your requirements, create an account with the supplier to register for dropshipping. 

Day 3: Create Your Identity

Now that all the legal requirements are met, it’s time to start building your brand. The development and overall sales of your recently launched dropshipping company are impacted by branding. Here, differentiation is the key to branding your company so that it stands out from the competitors. 

Before moving on, you must make all of your decisions, including selecting your Amazon Dropshipping company logo, colors, and brand shop.

You can use the same steps for other platforms as well; this is not a particular Amazon dropshipping guide.

Day 4: Establish Your Dropshipping Online Store

The next step in the new day is about establishing your shop. No matter how hard you work to create the ideal store aesthetic, there will always be more work to be done. Therefore, instead of striving for perfection, concentrate on developing a store that is user-friendly, visually appealing, navigable, and responsive.

You can construct your online store using a variety of e-commerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, eBay, Shopify, WordPress, and Weebly. Furthermore, you can customize your ecommerce store by selecting from the themes available on those platforms. 

Important Tip: Always choose a theme that is quick to load and compatible with mobile devices. Make sure the theme you select will enable you to provide the best possible user experience.

Finally, set up your shop by optimizing the theme to your requirements. Additionally, ensure that every element of your store, including the borders, menus, colors, and photographs, complements your identity and industry.

Day 5: Identify the Dropshipping Goods and Produce Corresponding Pages

You may start setting up your dropshipping store by adding products now that it’s ready. To do that, adhere to the below steps:

  1. Explain Dropshipping Items: Don’t try to sell every item you have in stock. List only a few of the most important products. Here, make sure to select a product that meets the needs of your intended market. Keep a healthy profit margin on the products for selling.
  2. Establish Pricing: The MSRP is the suggested retail price that your supplier gives you. Then, you have to fix the lowest price you can provide for your goods, which is called MAP. Keep your profit margin in check. Also, consider the pricing offered by your rival. Recall that the store with the best price will prevail over the other if they are selling the same item.
  3. Make Product Listings: Create appealing product pages with unique company descriptions, product videos, graphics, refund and return policies, an About Us section, shipping pages, a privacy statement, a contact us page, and an FAQ for successful dropshipping store performance.

Day 6: Complete and Open Your Online Store

Now is the day of performance to formally introduce your dropshipping company and embark on your path to becoming a prosperous business. Try to stand out as unique by offering your potential clients exceptional offers and discounts. Furthermore, you need to create social media accounts for your company and install Google Analytics so you can monitor the development of your store.

Day 7: Market Your Company

Even though starting a dropshipping business just takes six days, real-time success and business growth may take much longer. Therefore, always have patience and acknowledge every growth and failure. Apart from that, you can get professional assistance. 

Tech2Globe Web Solutions can not only provide you with optimized stores for your dropshipping venture but can also support your objectives by converting them into purposeful strategies. Additionally, their other services, like SEO, paid advertising, and content marketing techniques, will make your business more reachable and profitable.

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