Resolve Roku Error Code 1: Quick Fixes


Roku error code 1 is commonly known as an activation error that the user faces while using the roku streaming device. Roku is a streaming device through which the users can watch free or paid content on their TV via an internet connection.

Roku is a popular streaming device where users can stream different types of movies and web series. But for that, the user must have a Roku account. So, users with a roku account can log in to their account and stream online content. Moreover, along with the account, it is mandatory to have a good internet connection. However, some users encounter various roku errors while using the roku device. Therefore, amongst various roku errors, roku error code 001 is very common. Also, it is easy to troubleshoot the roku error 1.

The users facing roku error 1 are suggested to check the detailed information gleaned below. Thus, through the troubleshooting steps, it would get easy for all users to troubleshoot the roku error 1.

Steps to How to fix roku error 001

Roku is a brand of hardware digital media players developed by the American company Roku, Inc. Through the roku streaming device, the users can access live media material from a variety of web providers.

Roku is a convenient and cost-effective way to stream videos and watch favorite movies, shows, and much more. Along with this, the roku setup procedure is simple and easy. Therefore, once the users are done with the setup process, they can easily start streaming their favorite shows, movies, etc.

Roku devices are simple to use and easy to setup. But some users encounter roku error 1. So, users facing this error should go through the steps provided below and apply the same to resolve the error.

Check the Activation code

  • The users are suggested to check the activation code.
  • Note: Make sure that the activation code entered is correct.
  • The users are advised to ensure that the caps lock is turned “OFF” while entering the activation code.
  • Note: Make sure that the activation code is not expired.
  • Check the LAN or the wired connection.
  • The users can get a new activation code by generating the link.

Check the Internet Connection

  • The users are suggested to confirm that the internet connection is stable and strong.
  • Check the LAN and ethernet settings of the internet.
  • Reset the wireless router to fix the issue.

Check the server

  • The users are recommended to check the internet setup and ensure that the roku device is not showing the purple screen.

Hope that after applying the steps provided above, it would have been easy for all users to fix the roku error 1. If the error persists the same, then contact the experts and get an immediate solution for the error.

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